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At our core, Ingalls is a company that strives to be helpful to our clients while continuously innovating and evolving our technology and solutions. Since 2010, we have been dedicated to building a team and product that can stay steps ahead of threats, attacks, and vulnerabilities in an ever-changing landscape.

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Cybersecurity Assurance Readiness (CSAR) Prepare Tool Launches to Accelerate the Path to ATO Approval for DoD Vendors 

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CSAR helps developers make smart, timely cyber decisions and allows applications to be adaptive and keep pace with cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities.


May 1, 2023CSAR Logo

WOODWORTH, LOUISIANA, USA, May 1, 2023 / --  Ingalls Information Security’s Government Programs Team is thrilled to announce the launch of Cybersecurity Assurance Readiness (CSAR) Prepare, a software automation tool that streamlines and simplifies the path to Authorization to Operate (ATO) approval. Launched today, “CSAR Prepare” is the first prototype and Minimum Viable Product (MVP) available for use and it supports the Prepare and Categorize System steps of the Risk Management Framework (RMF). Lowering the barrier to Assessment & Authorization (A&A) entry and acting as a precursor to eMASS, CSAR Prepare accelerates the RMF Prepare Step, automating AF mandatory ATO forms, and enabling users to keep pace with RMF requirements.

Ingalls understands the unique challenges surrounding the DoD ATO process, which is why the Government Programs Team developed CSAR with the long-term mission to help small businesses that don’t know how to start the A&A process get on the right track.

Ingalls won a USAF Simulators Innovation Pitch Day Competition in December 2020 to build a prototype tool for accelerating applications through the A&A process to achieve an ATO. After performing usability tests with the various training prototype applications, it was soon realized that CSAR had a broader, enterprise-wide use, not just for training applications, but for any application going through the A&A process.

Ingalls took the most frustrating and difficult part of the RMF process and automated it. In CSAR, AF mandatory forms such as the ITCSC, PIA, and PCIL are mapped so that you answer once, and it maps to many. ​​The repeatable and sustainable A&A services in CSAR are much more scalable and responsive than traditional methods. The CSAR Prepare process can cut up to 20% of time creating complete and accurate forms, which leads to higher acceptance rate into the Authorizing Official workflow.

“As someone that has been a Practitioner, Information System Security Manager (ISSM), and Security Control Validator, CSAR Prepare is a game changer,” said Brandi Pickett, Director of Government Programs at Ingalls. “I know how difficult it is to start the ATO journey. It is all about preparation and CSAR, coupled with RMF Advisory services, can help that small business owner or developer start on the right track, the first time.”

The key benefits of CSAR Prepare include:

  • Mapping of AF mandatory forms
  • 40 hours of RMF advisory services
  • Cyber plan templates
  • Exclusive access to RMF and ATO Knowledge Base

“We are thrilled to announce the on-time and on-budget delivery of CSAR, a new RMF preparation software designed to support the DoD and their vendor ecosystem, following two years of dedicated effort,” said Jason Ingalls, CEO of Ingalls Information Security. “We've witnessed firsthand the challenges that the DOD and their vendors, particularly small business contractors, encounter in managing cybersecurity risks and ensuring compliance with FAR and the RMF ATO process. With the introduction of CSAR, we are committed to bridging the innovation gap and empowering our warfighters, while streamlining the ATO preparation process for all involved parties.

The roadmap for CSAR includes expanding workflows to the Select, Implement, and Assess Controls steps of RMF, which will cover up to 80% of the typical ATO process. Inclusion of features such as Plan of Action & Milestone (POAM) management, RMF control mapping to eMASS, as well as automated interfaces with eMASS will drastically improve efficiency of maintaining ATOs. The continuous monitoring feature will reduce the need for manual checks and is anticipated to save 40% to 50% of the current time spent on this laborious process. Also included in the roadmap are adaptations of CSAR to run in high-side environments.

“I’m very proud to be a part of this incredibly capable group, tireless hard work has resulted in CSAR, our technology enabled service that places businesses on an expertly led and expedient path through the A&A process,” said Sarena O’Donnell, CSAR Program Manager at Ingalls.

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Since 2010, Ingalls Information Security has provided technology-enabled, integrated cybersecurity risk management services. Ingalls’ diverse experience across military/defense intelligence, network security, information technology, and cybersecurity solutions has honed a powerful edge in preventing and responding to cyberattacks. Ingalls’ expertise focuses on four business lines of service: Managed Extended Detection and Response, Incident Response, Professional Services, and Government Programs. In 2021, Ingalls formally launched the Government Programs Department to specialize in DoD cybersecurity solutions, including CMMC preparation and assessment, DFARS Compliance expertise, and ATO/RMF support. The company’s core focus is to establish Louisiana as a cybersecurity center of excellence, and bring 5,000 industry jobs into the state.


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