In our latest video, we illustrate some of the significant differences between Managed Detection and Response, or MDR and legacy Managed Security Service Providers or MSSPs.

A traditional MSSP collects analyzes and reports on security events by generating alerts for your review. MSSP services are generally reactive in nature with the heavy focus on intrusion detection but typically do not cover remediation or response.

In contrast, Ingalls MDR or Managed Detection and Response services combine all aspects of a traditional MSSP, with advanced threat detection, event and log integration, threat intelligence, and comprehensive human-in-the-loop analysis and alert validation. Ingalls MDR services provide specific and actionable recommendations based on our knowledge of your environment and business requirements. Our cloud analytic system will process all of the security event information, and a human analyst will review it for accuracy severity and usefulness. The result is a recommendation that is immediately relevant to your security team, reducing your level of effort and ensuring that you can use your staff efficiently to remediate any detected issues.